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We’re excited to offer a specialist garage conversion service designed to incorporate all aspects of a garage conversion into one service. We are passionate builders with a love for home improvement and enhancements. Garage conversions are fantastic, and economical ways of increasing the living area in your home. 

The potential of a garage conversion

Garages are often resorted to as places to store belongings, however these rooms are brilliant areas to transform into extra living areas. Garage conversions provide endless possibilities for room ideas. Here are some fantastic ways that BBP Property Services can transform your home:

Increase the bedroom count of your home

Increasing the amount of bedrooms in a home can help massively with upping the value of your home and creating extra living space that can be used as a spare bedroom or when you are extending your family. 

Rethink your home layout

A garage conversion can provide more flexibility in your home and allow you to make the best use of your space. An example of this may be for example making your garage into a kitchen, allowing you to extend your living room area. Moving a room in to a garage conversion can mean you can repurpose areas of your home to better suit your living habits and needs. 

Studio living

Create a small studio living area to rent out to lodgers. These types of conversions are  becoming popular ways to make money out of space that you are not using and often the perfect size for a studio set up. These types of garage conversions are becoming increasingly desirable places for renters. 

Cinema or games room

Get creative with the space in your garage and create a games or cinema room. The size and shape of garages often lend themselves to creating these types of rooms. It’s also a way to declutter your living room area into a dedicated space for TV watching, games consoles and gadgets.

Utility room 

Utility rooms are coming back into style due to the convenience of having noisey appliances out of the kitchen - usually a place of socialising and family. Garage conversions are perfect for use as a utility room as they are often set separate from the main building. The conversion process usually provides extra sound proofing in the way of insulation. 

Converting a garage into a home office

With the increase in people working from home it is becoming more important to separate home and work life. A home office garage conversion are great ways to achieve this when you are limited with space in the home. 

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These are just some of the endless uses of garage convrsions that BBP Property Services can provide. To get in touch with your garage conversion ideas call 07454 791 910, fill out our contact form or email us at We proudly provide our conversion services throughout Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire. 

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