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Installing Home Bars in Manchester

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BBP Property Services build and install bespoke home bars into homes across the Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire. We incorporate ideas seamlessly into your home collaborating with our clients vision for their very own bar within their home.

Why choose BBP Property services

Not only do we have experience in building work and the range of skills necessary to build and install home bars, we also work closely with you and create a vision for your and dream for your home bar. 

We focus greatly on achieving our customers vision for all of the work we carry out and provide sound advice for all of our customers - making sure not only are you happy with the final result, that you also feel satisfied throughout the whole of the building process. To get the ball rolling on your home bar project call 07454791910 or select the button below. 

Home bar ideas

A home bar can really make an area in your home stand out and create a separate space for entertaining friends and family and a separate area in the home to spend time. There are many ways of incorporating a home bar into your property. More discrete approaches can blend in with the environment whilst keeping the same functionality. 

Alternatively, more eye catching and standout-ish approaches to home bars can really create a feature within your home. So whether it’s the discrete approach you are after or the a more eye-catching area here are some inspiring and thought provoking  ideas to add to the list:

  • Get smart with space

Breaking home bars down to their core - Home bars are a way to store beverages incorporated in with a seating area. It’s great to work with the space you already have and any areas of your home such as alcoves, an unused cupboard or an unused corner within your home.

  • Garden bar

A garden bar is a great consideration for those who are limited on the space they have in the home. They can act as stunning features in the garden and a great space to spend. Home bars incorporated in or under conservatories or verandas can create a space that’s protected from the elements and also a place where you and your guests can enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors

  • Under the stairs

In so many homes the area under the stairs is often wasted. Incorporating a home bar within this area is a brilliant and resourceful way making the best out of the space in your home. 

Whatever your vision for your home bar idea, BBP Property Services can help you achieve this with our extensive experience for building services and our passion for home improvements and enhancements. 

Feeling inspired? Get in touch

If you are in the Manchester, Warrington or Cheshire area we’d love to hear from you about your home bar ideas and visions. Give BBP Property services a call on 07454 791 910 or visit our contact page. For email correspondence contact us at rob@bbp-services.co.uk.

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