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Home extensions can be fantastic ways to increase the size and the value of your home without the stress and risk that comes with a move. BBP Property Services have cultivated an Extension service that makes the process of extending your home straight forward and enjoyable - as it should be. 

There are many forms of extensions that BBP Property Services offer, each of which suit different properties and plans. Here are some of the extension solutions that BBP Property Services provides. 

Rear extensions 

Extending at the rear of your property is a great way to take advantage of the area in your back garden. On these types of extensions it’s a popular option to also have larger windows or sliding doors to let more of the light in and make your garden visible from indoors. Rear extensions are also a great way to extend your home whilst keeping the same front impression of the house. A great option for older houses with a character that you don’t want to disturb. 

Wrap around extensions

If you have space in your front garden around the edge of your property wrap around extensions can be an effective way to increase the floor space of your home. Wrap around extensions extend your home from either 2 or 3 walls including the side rear and sometimes the front of your home. 

Multi-storey extensions

A multi-storey extension can work extremely well if you have limited space around your property, taking full advantage of the available land. Both rear extensions as well as wrap around extensions can be multi-storey. Instead of adding 1 or 2 additional rooms, multi storey extensions feel very much like upsizing and are definitely worth considering. 

Garage or loft extensions/ conversions

If you are on a tight budget or are squeezed for outdoor space, using the available space in your home is a brilliant way to incorporate an extension. Garages and lofts are often dead spaces used for storage or are wasted spaces that are forgotten about. These areas are ideal spots for creating extra space within your home.

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BBP property services are passionate about property and home improvements and offer our services throughout Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire. With 20 years combined experience and a solid reputation in the building industry, we know how to take your home improvement and extension dreams into reality with a smooth, friendly and catered process. Get in touch with us on 07454 791 910, fill out our contact form or drop us an email at rob@bbp-services.co.uk.

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